Before & After School Care


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School we service: Elmdale, Connaught, St. George, Hilson! 

When your child is done school and he/she arrives at the centre the programs will run as follows.

A healthy snack is provided upon arrival to the centre, when the children finish snack they get right into 15 minutes of teacher assisted mandatory homework time, If your child requires more time to finish their homework, it will be granted. After homework time, it’s free time/planned activity! Children have the choice between a variety of board games, puzzles, toys, art section, dramatic play and cozy corner. Around 4:45pm we get the group ready and head over to Parkdale park for sports and gross motor play or we enjoy our own backyard. Everyday there’s a planned activity, it could be one of the following: craft, science experiement, or a baking day.  

Reading Buddies: Children have the choice to visit our Toddler or Preschool program to read some books with the littles 🙂 

Our program only accepts 10 children!! It’s not manditory for children to take part in all activities.

We believe in creating a program that they are interested in and want to be apart of, so don’t wait and join our ProCare Family today!