ProCare Summer Camp


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PROCARE Summer Camp

Themes of the Week


Each Tuesday of every week: Pool Day
Each Thursday of every week: Field Trip


July 4th - 7th - Craft & Create!
Explore your creative side with an arts and crafts week at ProCare! Choose from three craft options each day that you would like to create. The best part? You get to take your creations home and show them off or give them as a gift to a special someone!
July 10th - 14th - Hey! Let’s Act!
Want to become an actor or actress for the week? Monday through Thursday you will be able to practice your acting skills with your peers so that you can put on a show for Friday! Yes, that’s right! Your hard work will not go unnoticed. On Friday, we will open our ProCare doors to all parents so that they can have a chance to see what you have been working on all week!
July 17th - 21st - Top Chef: Kids Edition!
Let’s get ready to cook! This week at ProCare you will be planning, prepping and cooking yummy delicious treats made right here in our very own ProCare kitchen! On Monday, teachers and students will design a snack menu for the week. Each morning, teachers and students will cook the planned snack so that we can enjoy our delicious treat for our afternoon snack. You won’t want to miss it!
July 24th - 28th - Let’s Explore Nature!
Do you like the outdoors? Well then you’ve come to the right place because it’s nature week here at PorCare! This week we will be exploring the outdoors by going on long, adventurous walks around local parks and trails. We will also plant beautiful flowers and veggies outside in our backyard and even take a field trip to the zoo on Thursday! Come along as we see all the amazing things nature has to offer!
July 31st - August 7th - CLOSED
August 8th - 11th - Experiment with Science!
Come on and enter our laboratory! It’s Science week here at ProCare! Put on your thinking cap and become a scientist for the week by completing fun and exciting experiments each day. From film canister rockets to creating a foamy volcano, we can promise you, you won’t be disappointed! Science is COOL! Just ask Bill Nye!
August 14th - 18th - ProCare Olympic Games
Dive into the Summer Olympic Games here at ProCare! Discover the power of team work and cooperation as you and your team complete a series of activities to take home the gold! Activities range from water balloon tosses, pillow case races and even the famous team building activity; The Human Knot! Come and join the fun this week at ProCare!
August 21 - 25th - Community Helpers
Ever wondered who keeps our community safe? Or how people in our community are constantly helping others each day? Come and learn all about our community helpers and even get to meet a few of them right here at ProCare. This week at ProCare we will have Firemen and Policemen come and visit us and talk about all that they do to keep our community safe. We will also take a trip to our local Ottawa Human Society, so we can see how people volunteer their time each day to take care of stray, abused or neglected animals.
August 28th - September 1st - Self Love Appreciation Week
Learn the importance of being kind and caring to others and in doing so learn to love yourself! Complete a series of activities such as keeping a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings, set up goals and challenges to meet and overcome, as well as learn about the importance of eating healthy and taking proper care of yourself. All activities are centered around building confidence and self love!
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