Preschool Program


Our program prepares children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years for school routines, so that they are comfortable and know what to expect when they begin a regular school program. Our space is designed to encourage the development of your child’s early learning skills in a calming neutral environment. Children learn classroom rules and routines such as taking turns, sitting for teacher-directed time, days of the week, months of the year and daily weather observations. We encourage child independence and active participation to promote the development of literacy, numeracy, handwriting, creativity, artistic expression and scientific discovery. Our weekly themes play an important role in our programming and will also include seasonal relevance. Our facility is equipped with a year-round outdoor space, including a 1-inch foam layer of turf flooring to provide a cushion for safe play.

Our emerging curiculum is designed with your child’s creativity and growth in mind. We will work alongside your child to ensure they are exploring and learning at their own pace, and with proper observation will be ready when it comes time for Kindergarten. With intimate sized circle times in both English and French, and eco-friendly wooden toys, our preschool room is a safe space to expand their minds as they engage in both national languages.

An in-house kitchen means we will have fresh nutritional homemade meals and snacks made directly in our facility with a rotating schedule.

We cannot wait to learn, discover, and grow with you and your family!

For more specific scheduling information or to book a tour of our space, please send an email to