It is amazing how quickly a week gets booked up with work, appointments, extracurricular activities, grocery shopping and household chores. Sometimes it seems as though there are not enough days or hours in a week, but it’s our job as parents to make sure children get to experience family fun time. Choose a day that fits your schedule, I suggest Sunday as it’s the last day before the busy week starts back up, if that doesn’t work, just pick a day your children can expect a fun activity the whole family will be a part of.

There are tons of places to bring your family without spending a fortune such as:

Summer: parks, walks through different neighbourhoods, hiking trails, the beach, summer festivals

Fall: Take a drive to view all the colourful trees, pumpkin patches, decorating for a Hallowee

Winter: tobogganing, ice skating, building a snowman, hot chocolate and winter strolls.

Spring: gardening, tulip festival, long walks after a cold winter, spring clean-up of the yard.

Plan a fun day at home: dance party, movies or crafts, dramatic play, fort building, and scavenger hunts.

If your budget has room for spending money on the family fun day, you can go to a Museum, Indoor Rock Climbing (depending on the age of your children), Cosmic Adventures, Jubes and Tubes, Mini Putting, Gotta Paint, Water Parks, Indoor Pools or whatever your family votes on. Search online for more family friendly outings/ activities.
Quality time as a family is so precious and important for their childhood. It creates tradition, memories and time together that you will not be able to get back once they’re all grown up. Of course family will always be there, but the young years are limited, embrace the time you have and make as many memories possible. Don’t get caught up in the busyness of “adult” life.
Start planning your next family fun day and watch the joy it brings to your child.. They’ll certainly LOVE every minute and remember these moments for years to come!